Monday, July 1, 2013

Current Point Standing...

Below are  the current point standings for our show series! Hope many of you join us this Saturday(July 6th) with the wonderful Kathie Crowley judging!

2013 SSF Show Series Point Standings:

Trail In Hand

Taylor Manuel/Nothin But Assets: 17

Leah Roehl/Rusty: 16

Autumn Barlett/Nothin But Assets: 7

Gabrielle Bradway/ Joeys Sticky Flapjack: 7

Samantha Donhauser/Zipped Up Kicks: 4


Open Novice Trail


Open Trail

Kim Poates/Daisy: 14

Gabrielle Bradway/Hanks Ice: 7

Robin Ciapponi/Paints Cloudy Moon: 5

Danielle Smith/ My Silk Coat: 4


Open Showmanship

Taylor Manuel/Nothin But Assets: 21

Holly McClintock/Slow Lopin Potential: 5

Heidi Randholm/Stage Whisper: 5

Robin  Ciapponi/ Paints Cloudy Moon: 5

Gabrielle Bradway/Joeys Sticky Flapjack: 4

Vickie Kauffman/Sweet Lady Jasmine: 4

Danielle Smith/My Silk Coat: 3

Samantha Donhauser/ Zipped Up Kicks: 3


Open Halter

Nothin But Assets/Taylor Manuel: 19

Wind Wisp’s Breeze/Susan Miller: 9

Slow Lopin Potential/Holly McClintock: 7

Paints Cloudy Moon/ Robin Ciapponi: 5

Joey’s Sticky Flapjack/Gabrielle Bradway: 4

Carunda Jorga/Beth Hart: 4

My Silk Coat/Danielle Smith: 3

Sweet Lady jasmine/ Vickie Kauffman: 3

Stage Whisper/ Heidi Randholm: 2

Zipped Up Kicks/Samantha Donhauser: 1



Sophie Rose Roehl/Pal: 14

Sarah Shepard/ Luke: 12

Riley Smith: 8

Keira Truofreh/ Cupid: 7

Gianna Maxwell/Sugar: 7

Will Tharp/ All That Sass: 4

Kiera Murray/ Snoopin For Clues: 4

Drew Tharp/ Star Bounds Here’s To You: 3


Pee Wee Walk

Andy Holstein: 34

Tyla Gray: 31

Chloe Christiansen: 30

Katey Clemovich: 28

Will Tharp: 11

Keira Truofreh: 3


12 and under W/T English

Ashlyn Ward/ Da Kodak Moment: 52

Alisa Holstein/ Cute As A Button: 37

Skylar Boehm/Miss Scootie Pants: 32

Randi Mae Roehl/Pal: 17

Daphine Souia/Peggy’s Last Forecast: 15

Molly Pefley/ Polly Prissy Pants: 10

Karma Hollis/ Timbers Run Teddy: 10

Kristy Dollison/ Star Bounds Here’s to You: 9

Kate Tharp/ All That Sass: 8

Autumn Barlett/Nothin But Assets: 5


Youth HUS

Kaylee Ward/Da Kodak Moment: 51

Meghan Schrader/Miss Scootie Pants: 30

Shanah Rahm/ Imp’s Baby Girl: 30

Kailia Higgins/ Movin Mia: 28

Allison Oakes/ Peggy’s Last Forecast: 20

Jayde Greenwood/ Kitt katt: 16

Maggie Steckler/Traditions Final Leo: 16

Heidi Randholm/Stage Whisper: 10

Hannah Peterson/ Sugar N Spice: 2

Meghan Peterson/ My Memorable Surprise: 2


Adult HUS

Danielle Smith/My Silk Coat: 40

Taylor Manuel/Nothin But Assets:32

Laura Korns/Valkeryes Pride: 25

Beth Hart/Carunda Jorga: 21

Karen Baldwin/ Captivationg Impulse: 18

Gabrielle Bradway/ Hanks Ice: 18

Megan Warren/Native Sight: 15

Cindy Devivies/Shades Of Gray: 12

Katelyn Alwes/ Baby Face: 11

Vickie Kauffman/Sweet lady Jasmine: 10

Dawn Shuck/TeTe Zip: 9

Sabrina Hundley/Bid Dawg: 7

Ellen Farnum/ Movado: 3


Novice HORSE English

Te Te Zip: 38

Nothin But Assets: 36

Cypress Bristol Crème: 29

Imp’s Baby Girl: 25

Just Kidding: 11

Daisy Duke: 11

Above the Clouds: 9

Baby Face: 9

Chrome and Charisma: 7

Movado: 4


Novice RIDER English

Ashlyn Ward: 49

Sharon Itzkoff: 29

Dallas baker: 37

Torian Korns: 32

Dawn Shuck: 19

Taylor Blevins: 7

Dawn Epperson: 6

Cecelia Pefley: 1


Hunter Hack 18”

Alisa Holstein/Cute As A Button: 17

Jayde Greenwood/Kitt Katt: 7

Megan Warren/ Native Sight: 7

Sabrina Hundley/Big Dawg: 4


Hunter Hack 2’

Meghan Schrader/Miss Scootie Pants: 14

Kaylee Ward/ Da Kodak Moment: 14

Shahn Rahm/ Imp’s Baby Girl: 13

Megan Warren/ Native Sight: 5

Meghan Peterson/ My Memorable Surprise: 4

Torian Korns/ Wave The Flag: 4

Kaila Higgins/ Movin Mia: 3


12 and Under Western

Randi Mae Roehl/ Pal: 30

Cameron Beverly/ Tad Too Zippo: 21

Caitlin O’Conner/Hollywood Smoke: 14

Sarah Pendergraff/ Skippit Array: 8

Emily Barlas/ Ishie’s Hot Chocolate: 8


 Youth WP

Georgia Parr/ Bueno Boomer Star: 49

Payton Korns/ Valkeryes Pride: 43

Rachel Mattozzi/ Reb: 20

Maggie Steckler/ Tradition’s Final Leo: 17

Juliana Barlas/ Skips Little Red Bokay: 11

Robert Curtis-Chapman/Ishie’s Hot Chocolate: 8

Caleb Mattozzi/ Gorgeous Gone Wild: 6

Jaclyn Curtis-Chapman/ Zippos Fine Redeemer: 6

Breann Karopinsky/Black to the Basics: 1


Adult WP

Kim Poates/Daisy: 43

Cindy Devivies/Shades of Gray: 28

Gabrielle Bradway/Hank’s Ice: 20

Karen Baldwin/ Captivating Impulse: 18

Sharon Fiel/Trip N Paradise: 17

Dawn Shuck/Te Te Zip: 12

Mark Crouch/Shezon the Open Range: 9

Vickie Kauffman/Sweet Lady Jasmine: 6

Jennifer Supinger/Summer’s Wildfire: 5

Kim Poates/Zippos Bay Corona: 2


Open Ranch Horse Pleasure

Hank’s Ice: 7

Summer’s Wildfire: 5


Novice HORSE Western

Diamond Jim: 34

Daisy Duke: 28

Slow Lopin Potential: 17

Nothin But Assets: 17

Shezon the Open Range: 14

Skips Little Red Bokay: 8

Zippos Bay Corona: 6

Big Dawg: 5

Black to the Basics: 3


Novice RIDER Western

Cindy Devives: 42

Jojo Torreyson: 38

Terri Craig: 27

Greg Korns: 14

Julianna Barlas: 9

Mark Crouch: 8

Maria Maxwell: 7

Sabrina Hundley: 3

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