Sunday, June 26, 2011

June 11, 2011 Show Points!

Gabrielle Bradway - 7
Rachel Mattozzi - 5

Gabrielle Bradway - 7
Samantha Donhauser - 5

McKenna Cupka - 7
Keira Truotreh - 5
Sarah Pendergraft - 4

Lauren Gumpert - 19
Leah Taylor - 14
Catie O'Conner - 7

Kaila Higgins - 14
Kaylee Palmeri - 10

ADULT HUNTER:Kelly Daub - 21
Gabrielle Bradway - 15
Samantha Donhauser - 3

Courtney Sustaire - 19
Drew Bradway - 17
Heather Tackett - 12

WKF Ebony Phoenix - 19
Heaven's Within Range - 17

Gabrielle Bradway - 21
Jean Donhauser - 5

Heaven's Within Range - 21

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

HORSE SHOW this Saturday June 11th, 2011

Gearing up for our next horse show this Saturday!

**Please have a current Negative Coggins with you to present to the show staff at time of registration!! Failure to have a current negative coggins will result in the denied showing of said horse and immediate removal from the grounds of said horse!

**Show starts at 3PM!!! that's right 3PM!

** Robin Wood is Judging!

Hard hats are required for all riders under 18 years of age in English classes!

Casual show attire, Polo shirts and riding breeches(with tall boots) in English classes. Youth exhibitors may show in jodpurs with paddock boots). Jeans with a button down shirt for western classes. Chaps are optional in Western classes. And youth exhibitors may show in a hard hat instead of cowboy hat in western classes.

KJ Photography will present at the shows to take pictures upon request only! You may see her walking around shooting some stock images for Silver Star, but please feel free to approach her and ask about shooting you and your horse during the show!

Hope to see many of you on Saturday!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Coggins Tests in Virginia/Updated regulations...Please bring Negative coggins test to shows!

Would just like to inform everyone to please bring your COGGINS with you to the next show on June 11th(and every show thereafter), even if we have a copy on file. The state now requires shows to have a record info. from every horse's coggins shown at shows. We will need to copy all info. required by the state from your coggins... so signing up for classes may take longer than usual, so please bare with us!

You should always carry your coggins with you when hauling your horse(s) anywhere, but we would just like to remind everyone of the new regulations put in place this year regarding Equine Infectious Anemia and extra steps they are taking now to keep this disease under control.

Coggins Tests in Virginia/Updated regulations effective March 2, 2011: