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2012 Year End WINNERS!!!!!

2012 Silver Star Farm Shows Year End Point Standings

Trail In Hand – Winners received Personalized Picture frames w/ a photo of them showing from the season!

Champion: Claire Deighan

Res. Champion: Taylor Manuel

3rd:  Tina Stoernell/SHA Amaria Moon Bey

4th:  Sophia Stornell

5th:  Gabrielle Bradway

6th: Tina Stoernell/KZ Jubilee

7th: Samantha Donhauser

8th:  Kathryn LeBarre

9th: Jennifer Jaxel

10th: Barbara Haggard

Open Novice TrailWinners received Personalized Pictures frames w/ a photo from the show season, provided by KJ Photography!

Champion: Kim Poates

Res. Champion: Tina Stoernell

3rd: Danielle Smith

4th: Carolyn Gordon/Horse #1

5th: Sophia Stoernell

6th: Jubee Moxley

7th: Hailey Billings

8th: Carolyn Gordon/Horse #2

9th: Torian Korn

10th: Karen Baldwin

Open Trail Winner received a Western themed Wine Bottle Holder!

Champion: Gabrielle Bradway

Res. Champion: Carolyn Gordon

3rd: Maggie Lanham

4th: Karen Baldwin

5th: Barbara Haggard

6th: Maggie Steckler

Open ShowmanshipWinners received personalized picture frames w/ a photo from this show season, provided by KJ Photography!

Champion: Gabrielle Bradway

Res. Champion: Taylor Manuel

3rd:  Allie Perez

4th: Tina Stoernell

5th: Neil Stoernell

6th: Taryn Mc Farland

7th: Kim Poates

 8th: Sophia Stoernell

9th:  Randi Roehl

10th:  Diana Woolfrey


Open HalterWinners received personalized picture frames w/ a photo from the season inside, provided by KJ Photography!

Champion: Gabrielle Bradway

Res. Champion: Taylor Manuel

3rd: Tina Stoernell

4th: Susan Miller

5th: Neil Stoernell

6th: Tracy Garland

7th: Diana Woolfrey

8th: Tiffany Gray

9th: Samantha Donhauser

10th: Sophia Stoernell


LeadlineWinners received Gift Bags full of goodies! 3rd – 10th also got smaller gift bags w/ a few goodies, plus all got ribbons!

Champion: Makayla Sullivan

Res. Champion: Andy Holstein

3rd: Will Tharpe

4th: Keira Trufreh

5th: Grace Gara

6th: Tyla Grey

7th: Kristi Dollison

8th: Autumn Rhea

9th: McKenna Cupka

10th: Allie Whalen

PeeWee WalkWinners received personalized picture frames w/ a photo inside from the show season, provided by KJ Photography!

Champion: Skylar Boehm

Res. Champion: Andy Holstein

3rd: Grace Gara

4th: Jennifer Jaxel

5th: Will Tharpe

6th: Kristi Dollison

7th: Addison Smith

8th: Autumn Rhea

9th: Sarah Pendergraff

10th: Catie O’Conner


12 and Under – EnglishWinners received personalized picture frames w/ a photo inside from the show season, provided by KJ Photography!

Champion: Lisa Holstein

Res. Champion: Julie Wynn

3rd: Sophia Stoernell

4th: Jayde Greenwood

5th: Abby Bell

6th: Lauren Gumpert

7th: Randi Roehl

8th: Kaylen Graf

9th: Campbell Graf

10th: Allison Hughes


Youth HUSChampion received a Personalized Cooler and Res. Received a personalized Halter!

Champion: Shanah Rahm

Res. Champion: Allie Perez

3rd: Kayla Higgins

4th: Kaylin Palmeri

5th: Campbell Graaf

6th: Nicole Goldschmidt

7th: Katelyn Ritenour

8th: Makayla Moore

9th: Ally Carrier

10th: Kylie Kincaid


 Adult HUSWinners received Gift Baskets made by Affordable Accessories!

Champion: Gabrielle Bradway

Res. Champion: Samantha Donhauser

3rd: Danielle Smith

4th: Tina Stoernell

5th: Kelly Daub

6th: Christina Guevara

7th: Leah Hendrix

8th: Kathryn LeBarre

9th: Beth Cooper

10th: Megan Warren


Open Hunter Hack

Champion: Shanah Rahm

Res. Champion: Samantha Donhauser

3rd: Kayla Higgins


Novice RiderChampion received a personalized cooler and Res. received a Grooming tote.

Champion: Cindy Devivies

Res. Champion: Kaylee Ward

3rd: Taylor Manuel

4th: JoJo Torreyson

5th: Meghan Schrader

6th: Dawn Shuck

7th: Rhonda Ferris

8th: Abbey Bell

9th: Alexis Posey

10th: Jayde Greenwood


 Junior HorseWinners received personalized picture frames w/ photos from the show season inside, provided by KJ Photography!

Champion: WKF Ebony Phoenix

Res. Champion: Nothin But Assets

3rd:  Heavens Within Range

4th: Cowboy Blues

5th: Tigers Investment

6th: Peponita New Chex

7th: Cashy

8th: Jacks Skippy Flapjack

9th: AKA Whats Your Pleasure

10th: Traditions Final Leo


12 and Under – WesternWinners received Personalized picture frames w/ photos inside from the show season, provided by KJ Photography!

Champion: Caleb Mattozi

Res. Champion: Jaclyn Curtis-Chapman

3rd: Sophia Stoernell

4th: Randi Roehl

5th: Robert Curtis Chapman

6th: Reagan Riggs

7th: Cameron Beverly

8th: Sarah Jacques

9th: Catie O’Connor

10th: Grace Horton


 Youth Western PleasureChampion received a Personalized Cooler and Res. Received a Personalized Halter!

Champion: Rachel Mattozzi

Res. Champion: Gabrielle Bowie

3rd: Taryn McFarland

4th: Hanna Butler

5th: Breann Karopchinsky

6th: Paula Broadmax

7th: Maggie Steckler

8th: Payton Korns

9th: Caleb Mattozi

10: Shelby Bourquein

Adult Western PleasureChampion received a Personalized Cooler and Res. received a Personalized Halter!

 Champion: Gabrielle Bradway

Res. Champion: Sharon Fiel

3rd: Dawn Shuck

4th: Val Freund

5th: Beth Cooper

6th: Tracy Garland

7th: Karen Baldwin

8th: Samantha Donhauser

9th: Maria Harris

10th: Karen Jasinski

Western Riding

Champion: Gabrielle Bradway

Res. Champion: Samantha Donhauser

3rd: Val Freund

4th: Maggie Lanham

5th: Beth Cooper

6th: Maggie Steckler


Open Command and Out

Champion: Gabrielle Bradway

Res. Champion: Val Freund

3rd: Taryn McFarland

4th: Maggie Lanham

5th: Leah Roehl

6th: Samantha Donhauser

7th: Torian Korns

8th: Anna Marrow

9th: Peyton Korns


Novice HorseChampion received a Grooming Tote full of grooming goodies donated by 360 Farm and Pet. Res. received a Personalized Halter.

Champion: Hollys Surprise

Res. Champion: Daisy

3rd: Triple Bars Chance

4th: Notice My Potential

5th: Shades of Grey

6th: Chocolate Innovation

7th: Tigers Investment

8th: Te Te Zip

9th: Fancy

10th: C Maximum Trouble

Monday, October 15, 2012

Point Standings after Oct. 13th show : )

2012 Silver Star Farm Shows Point Standings as 10/15/12

Trail In Hand

Tina Stoernell/SHA Maria Moon Bey: 21
Claire Deighan: 20
Taylor Manuel: 19
Sophia Stornell: 16 
Tina Stoernell/KZ Jubilee: 8
Gabrielle Bradway: 7
Kathryn LeBarre: 7
Samantha Donhauser: 7
Jennifer Jaxel: 4
Barbara Haggard: 4
Maggie Steckler: 4
Amanda Mattison: 3
Trinity Bumbrey: 2
Carolyn Gorcon: 2

Open Novice Trail

Kim Poates: 14
Tina Stoernell: 13
Danielle Smith: 12
Carolyn Gordon: 12
Sophia Stoernell: 9
Jubee Moxley: 7
Hailey Billings: 7
Carolyn Gordon: 7
Torian Korn: 5
Karen Baldwin: 4
Drew Bradway: 2 

Open Trail

Gabrielle Bradway: 33
Carolyn Gordon: 12
Maggie Lanham: 7
Karen Baldwin: 5
Barbara Haggard: 5
Maggie Steckler: 4 

Open Showmanship

Gabrielle Bradway: 26
Taylor Manuel: 21
Tina Stoernell: 17
Allie Perez: 16
Neil Stoernell: 15
Taryn Mc Farland: 7
Kim Poates: 7
Sophia Stoernell: 6
Randi Roehl: 6
Diana Woolfrey: 5
Janet Barlow: 4
Samantha Donhauser: 4
Michelle Lee Wright: 3
Katelyn Ritenour: 3
Reagan Riggs: 2

Open Halter

Tina Stoernell: 23
Taylor Manuel: 23
Gabrielle Bradway: 22
Susan Miller: 16
Neil Stoernell: 12
Tracy Garland: 7
Diana Woolfrey: 7
Samantha Donhauser: 6
Anna Morrow: 6
Maggie Lanham: 5
Sophia Stoernell: 5
Tiffany Gray : 5
Jean Donhauser : 3
Ken Gerberry: 2
Peyton Korns: 2
Kim Paotes: 1
Trenity Bumbrey: 1
Matthew Richman: 1
Jennifer Jaxel: 1


Makayla Sullivan: 29
Andy Holstein: 27
Will Tharpe: 26
Keira Trufreh: 23
Tyla Grey: 8
Kristi Dollison: 8
Grace gara: 7
Autumn Rhea: 7
McKenna Cupka: 6
Allie Whalen: 3
Faith Brubaker: 2
Maria Clapp: 2
Riley Smith: 1
Morgan Iberra: 1

PeeWee Walk

Skylar Boehm: 110
Andy Holstein: 91
Grace Gara: 54
Jennifer Jaxel: 34
Will Tharp: 27
Kristi Dollison: 20
Addison Smith: 18
Autumn Rhea: 14
Sarah Pendergraff: 11
Catie O’Conner: 10
Allie Whalen: 9
Allison Hughes: 7
Lexi Iberra: 7
Leah Taylor: 7
Cole Richman: 5
Kiera Trufreh: 3

12 and Under – English

Lisa Holstein: 102
Julie Wynn: 50
Sophia Stoernell: 44
Abby Bell: 40
Lauren Gumpert: 35
Jayde Greenwood: 30
Randi Roehl: 21
Kaylen Graf: 18
Campbell Graf: 17
Allison Hughes: 12
Tavon Whalen: 10
Kate Tharpe: 7
Trinity Bumbery: 7
Billy Matthews: 6

Youth HUS

Shanah Rahm: 76
Allie Perez: 66
Kayla Higgins: 43
Kaylin Palmeri: 26
Nicole Goldschmidt: 22
Katelyn Ritenour: 19
Makayla Moore: 17
Ally Carrier: 17
Kylie Kincaid: 16
Campbell Graaf: 15
Torian Korns: 11
Maggie Steckler: 9
Cameron Kingsley: 7
Haley Billings: 6
Kaylen Graf: 6
Lauren Gumpert: 4
Billy Matthews: 3

Adult HUS

Gabrielle Bradway: 71
Samantha Donhauser: 48
Danielle Smith: 37
Tina Stoernell: 37
Kelly Daub: 33
Christina Guevara: 30
Leah Hendrix: 24
Kathryn LeBarre: 15
Beth Cooper: 14
Megan Warren: 13
Mary Ogle: 12
Barbara Haggard: 11
Carly Guevara: 9
Carolyn Gordon: 6
Kaitlyn Hunsaker: 3
Sarah Wynn: 2
Open Hunter Hack

Shanah Rahm: 29
Samantha Donhauser: 15
Kayla Higgins: 15
Kelly Duab: 12
Ally Carrier: 12
Katelyn Ritenour: 7
Danielle Smith: 7
Nicole Goldschmidt: 6
Christin Guevara:5
Megan Warren: 5
Mikayla Moore: 3
Haley Billings: 3
Katelyn Palmeri: 3
Beth Cooper: 2
Torian Korns: 2
Kylie Kincaid: 2
Cameron Kingsley: 1

Novice Rider

Cindy Devivies: 65
Kaylee Ward: 63
Taylor Manuel: 48
JoJo Torreyson: 36
Meghan Schrader: 27
Rhonda Ferris: 24
Abbey Bell: 21
Alexis Posey: 20
Dawn Shuck: 18
Danielle Smith: 17
Breanna Karopchinsky: 14
Anna Morrow: 13
Lauren Gumpert: 11
Kira Itzkoff: 9
Jubee Mowley: 7
Hannah Butler: 7
Claire Alvarez: 7
Karen Baldwin: 7
Paula Broadmax: 7
Charlotte Trahos: 5
Heather Awe: 4
Kennedy Tibbs: 3
Terry Craig: 4
Claire Deighan: 2
Jayde Greenwood: 2
Kylie Kincaid: 2
Bonnie Claire Kamei: 1
Katie Rowe: 1
Drew Bradway: 1

Junior Horse

WKF Ebony Phoenix: 105
Nothin But Assets: 42
Heavens Within Range: 37
Peponita New Chex: 20
Cashy: 19
Jacks Skippy Flapjack: 18
AKA Whats Your Pleasure: 17
Traditions Final Leo: 15
Cowboy Blues: 15
Ima Good Cookie: 13
Tigers Investment: 7
My Stara Glow: 3
A Legacy to Fame: 2

12 and Under – Western

Sophia Stoernell: 50
Caleb Mattozi: 41
Randi Roehl: 38
Jaclyn Curtis-Chapman: 37
Reagan Riggs: 29
Cameron Beverly: 25
Sarah Jacques: 25
Robert Curtis Chapman: 18
Catie O’Connor: 12
Grace Horton: 10

Youth  Western Pleasure

Rachel Mattozzi: 95
Gabrielle Bowie: 43
Taryn McFarland: 24
Hanna Butler: 20
Jaclyn Curtis-Chapman: 20
Breann Karopchinsky: 18
Maggie Steckler: 15
Payton Korns: 14
Cameron Kingsley: 12
Robert Curtis-Chapman: 10
Matthew Richman: 9
Paula Broadmax: 7
Shelby Bourquein: 7
Caleb Mattozi: 5
Georgia Parr: 3

Adult Western Pleasure

Gabrielle Bradway: 70
Sharon Fiel: 41
Dawn Shuck: 34
Val Freund: 33
Beth Cooper: 25
Karen Baldwin: 20
Maria Harris: 19
Karen Jasinski: 16
Julie Slemp: 16
Tracy Garland: 14
Samantha Donhauser: 14
Maggie Lanham: 12
Leigh Curtis-Chapman: 12
Charlotte Trahos: 8
Tina Stoernell: 4
Cindy Devivies: 4
Anna Morrow: 3
Barbara Haggard: 3

Western Riding

Gabrielle Bradway: 24
Samantha Donhauser: 20
Val Freund: 14
Maggie Lanham: 7
Beth Cooper: 5
Maggie Steckler: 5

Open Command and Out

Gabrielle Bradway: 19
Val Freund: 14
Taryn McFarland: 8
Maggie Lanham: 7
Karen Jasinski: 5
Leah Roehl: 5
Samantha Donhauser: 5
Torian Korns: 4
Anna Marrow: 2
Peyton Korns: 1

Novice Horse

Hollys Surprise: 76
Daisy: 39
Triple Bars Chance: 36
Notice My Potential: 27
Shades of Grey: 24
Chocolate Innovation: 23
C Maximum Trouble: 21
Fancy: 21
Zippos Cherub:19
SHA Amira Moon Bey: 18
Forrest: 15
Te Te Zip: 14
Punky : 13
WRC Gotta Be Boss: 12
One Kool Krynsum: 12
WKF Ebony Pheonix: 12
Cashy: 11
Daisy Duke: 8
Tigers Investment: 7
Peppys Moon Shot:7
Friday Nite Special: 5
Peponitas New Chex: 4
Savannah: 4
Heaven’s Within Range: 4
Jiggsaw: 3
Five Star Command: 3
Lena: 2
Peggy’s Last Forecast: 2
Joeys Skippy Flapjack: 1