Monday, October 4, 2021

Year End Point Standings...

 Here are the current Point Standings going into the Year End Awards Show on Oct. 16th.


  1.  Exhibitors had to compete at, at least 4 shows(in the current year) to Qualify for Year End Awards.
  2. Those Exhibitors highlighted in RED MUST show on 10/16 to receive Year End Awards.
  3. Exhibitors must be present on 10/16 to receive Year End Awards, none will be mailed out. (Arrangements can be made for pick-up)
  4. If you DO NOT see your name or your horses', that is mostly likely due to not showing at enough shows(2 or less) in 2021. We removed all exhibitors from the point standings that are not eligible for Year End Awards. Please consider making it to 4 or more SSF Shows in 2022, to earn Year End Awards.