Chip and I finally went to our first horse show 2 weekends ago. He did really well. There was a mini horse pulling a cart which was apparently one of the scariest things he'd ever seen. He spent the rest of the show on guard for it :-). But he did well. We won the open English trail, as well as both equitation classes. Neither he nor I could relax enough to win the pleasure classes, but that is fine (this was my first show in over 12 years so I was pretty nervous too).

I'm taking him to an open 4-H show next weekend (labor day weekend) in Hughsville, MD, south of Waldorf. We'll see how that goes - I'm expecting it'll be super. But Chip is doing awesome. He seems to love dressage, which is what we spend most of our time working on. Just in the last two weeks, he's really started collecting his canter. He's been good about the trot for a while, but needed more time to strengthen his muscles for the canter. I've started jumping him a little, but he thinks it is more fun to run around like an idiot than to jump politely :-). It's mostly my fault, since I generally allow him to do it! I haven't taken any lessons with him - just been going off of what I've learned. But he's an amazing horse, extremely smart and athletic and has excelled at everything I've tried with him. We go on trail rides occasionally, which he enjoys as well.

His new home suits him well. He lives in an individual paddock so no one is beating him up or competing for his food :-). The only downside is he only gets exercise when I work him, but that seems to be fine with him. As long as he gets an opportunity to "blow off his steam" once in a while by "free lunging", or as he has it, an all-out full gallop session complete with bucking and rearing, he maintains his sanity and concentration. :-)

I totally love this horse!!! We're at our year-mark together and in the last couple of months, have really started to bond. He is so funny to me - he is such a show-off!!! It is amazing what he'll do if he thinks there is someone watching him! Thanks! Take Care!

- Stephanie

"We took Jack to a show last weekend just for the experience and to see how he was going to be.........That colt acts like he' done this stuff forever. He is so laid back. I keep waiting for him to get excited over something. Hasn't happened yet. He does everything we ask of him we just love this guy. You can't go wrong breeding that mare again to his Daddy. Even if the next one is half as sane as Jack you have a winner. We didn't get him a stall at the show either. He just stood tied to the trailer.

- Kim, Pennsylvania
CES U Dont Know Jack "Jack" 2007 APHA Gelding- (Zippos Goldn Mover, APHA X A Genuine Shot, TB)

"I haven't gotten any new pictures of Cutter yet but I will send you some soon.I thought you would like to know I am hauling him some just to let him see some things. He has been nothing but a perfect gentleman everywhere he goes. My friend commented on how well he behaves and stands tied to the trailer. He is an outstanding young horse with great breeding and manners.

I want to thank you and your family for selling me such a great young horse. I'll keep you up to date on Cutter's training."

- Evelyn Payne Turner
Hot and Charming "Cutter"- (Silks Shining Spark X Justa Lena Smoke)
2007 AQHA gelding

"...She is doing really well and I just love her to pieces... I have been going down and riding her about 2 or 3 times a week and the last 2 weeks she has been solid with the trainer. She is getting lots of outside work as well as some indoor arena. I am taking her to a trail comp class end of the month... she should be ready, its just a fun one so we will just see how it goes. I am not going to do any cows or barrels until next year after I have the baby... I will get some pics when she is home of her ...she is losing her belly but thats it, everything else is still staying nice just getting really toned... Lena still has the butt she is so noted for..."

- Nikki Spencer, New York
Justa Lena Smoke
2001 AQHA mare