Monday, October 16, 2023

Points going into Year End show

You can check your points with the link below

CLICK HERE: Points going into Year End 

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Board Openings

 We are looking to add One Stall Board and Two(or Three) Field

Boarders to our Farm Family this Fall!

  • Large Group turnout (Sorry NO private or semi-private turnout available), mixed field of well behaved mares & geldings!
  • Perfect for Retirement of your Equine family member - oldest horse on SSF is 37, going on 38!
  • Perfect for a DIY Ammy or Family (Instructors/Trainers are welcome to come out for lessons to boarders!)
  • 30+ years of experience caring for horses
  • We breed and raise Boer goats.
  • Actively involved in 4-H
  • Quiet Small Family Owned and Run horse and livestock farm
  • We do require at least two horse related references

Board Rates:
  • Stall Board = Starting at $400/per horse, per month
  • Senior/Retirement Board = $600/per horse, per month
  • Field Board = $300/per horse, per month
You can find out the difference between each Board Rate on our website here:

Monday, September 18, 2023

Point Standings after the August SSF Show

Current Point Standings after Aug. SSF Show

You can find the current point standing by clicking on the link provided;

If your name is highlighted in BLUE you have met the minimum 4 shows to be eligible for Year End Awards.

If you highlighted in YELLOW you need ONE MORE show to be eligible for Year End Awards.
If highlighted in RED, you need to show at the last two SSF show to qualify for Year End Awards!

Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Current SSF Open Show Point Standings after July show

 Current Point Standing after the July 29th, 2023 SSF Open Show.

Apologies as we are just realizing that we have not been posting point updates to the website(or anything) 

You will notice that exhibitors are highlighted in different colors, these are to indicate who has already qualified, needs a show or two to qualify, OR need to attend ALL THREE of the remaining SSF dates (8/26, 9/30, & 10/28) to qualify for Year End Awards.

BLUE = you have attended/showed at the minimum 4 SSF show and are qualified! Congratulations!!!

YELLOW = you need to attend/show at 1 OR 2 more SSF shows to qualify!

RED = you MUST ATTEND/SHOW AT the remaining 3 SSF Shows to qualify!

Year End Awards are handed out throughout the day during the Oct. 28th SSF show. 

You can view the Point Standings here:

Friday, June 2, 2023

th SSF Show @ Doswell

 Time to Pre-Enter for the June 18th SSF Show at The Meadow!

T.I.P. Approved
4-H District Qualifier

We are now accepting Pre-Entries for the June 18th SSF Show hosted @ The Meadow. Since we are The Meadow, we will be offering some additional services not normally available

Grounds Fee - $10/per Horse/Pony & Exhibitor, if NOT renting a stall.
$50/per stall for Sunday ONLY(Move-in Sunday AM before show starts)
$75/per stall Saturday/Sunday. Exhibitors can move in Saturday afternoon. Stall exhibitors are to strip clean their stall(s) before leaving the grounds.
$8/per bag of shavings(available at The Meadow)
Grounds Fee/Stall Cost will be added to your showbill at time of payment, the day of the show.
Online Pre-entry form is Open until 10 pm, Wednesday 6/14 to save $2/per class. We do accept post entries the day of the show for $14/per class.

Monday, May 8, 2023

Point Standings after the April SSF Show

The current Point Standings can be viewed here: 

SSF Point Standings


Champion exhibitors earn an additional 10 points to their overall division points, for each Championship earned monthly.

Reserve Champion exhibitors earn an additional 5 points to their overall division points, for each Reserve earned monthly.

You can Pre-Enter for the May 27th SSF show here:

Monday, January 30, 2023

Monday, January 9, 2023

Save the Dates!!!


                 2023 Dates and Judges -

April 1st  - TBD
May 27th - TBD
SUNDAY - June 18th - TBD
July 29th- TBD
August 26th  - TBD
September 30th -TBD
October 28th - TBD
(Annual Costume Class & Year End)