Thursday, January 16, 2020

*** Year End Awards Eligibility in 2020 ***

End of Year Awards Eligibility
In order to be eligible for end of year awards the Exhibitor must compete in the same specific division and/or class 4 times(at 4 SSF shows).
No exceptions!

12 and Under English
Youth HUS
Adult HUS
Open O/F
Novice Rider English
Green Horse English
12 and Under Western
Youth WP
Adult WP
Open Ranch
Novice Rider WP
Green Horse WP

Individual Classes:
Hunter In Hand
Open Pee Wee Walk
Open Leadline
Trail In Hand
Youth SMS
Adult SMS
Open Halter

Venue: TBA
DATE: November 2020(exact date TBA)

You must be present to receive awards OR
have someone at the Banquet to pick up for you
no awards will be mailed.

Thursday, January 9, 2020

**NEW** 2020 Horse Show Rule

Exhibitor Numbers

Numbers will be assigned at the time of pre-registration unless an Exhibitor annotates a specific number at time of pre-registration. These numbers are recorded in class sheets and must be used during the class.

Exhibitors who have pre-registered do not need to fill out entry forms the day of the show. However, they must check-in prior to the class to get their numbers. Pre-entry numbers must be returned at the end of the show or a $5 fee will be charged.

Exhibitors who do not pre-register must complete the entry form the day of the show. Numbers will be provided at time of registration. These numbers must be returned or a $5 fee will be charged.