Silver Star Farm is conveniently located in Spotsylvania County and offers a:
  • 120ft x 240ft lighted outdoor ring
  • 60ft Round Pen
  • Spacious 12x16 stalls  
  • 2 private turn-out paddocks for 2-3 horses(currently unavailable)
  • 2 large pastures for group turnout

Trainers are welcome for lessons!

Vet: Commonwealth Equine, Spotswood Veterinary Services,  & Woodside North
Farrier: Carl Via (A certified Journeyman Farrier)

We encourage our boarders to be present for the vet and/or farrier appointments to address any concerns or ask questions and to have an established relationship with both. 

Boarders are welcome to use a different Vet or Farrier and are 100% responsible for any and all scheduling arrangements with non-SSF vets or farriers. 
Along with horse boarding, Silver Star offers sales and an annual Horse Show Series(See Horse Show page for more info.).

We Do Not offer any lessons ourselves nor do we have lessons horses. If you do not own a horse and are looking for lessons we can make suggestions to several local lesson barns that offer English and/or Western lessons!

Stall Board: Starting at 
$400/a month(or higher to reflect horse's nutritional requirements, i.e. needs to be fed high amounts of grain and/or hay to maintain a good body score or the horse will be moved to Senior/Retirement Board rate)

Senior Horse/Retirement Board = Starting at $600/a month (to cover extra "older horse" costs - extra feed, extra hay and/or chopped hays, & fat supplements.)

Does NOT include specialty supplements, such as (but not limited to): joint, feed thru fly control, hoof, or calming supplements. Horse Owner is responsible for supplying any and all other maintenance supplements;

Includes (but not limited to) the following:
* Daily Turnout
* Twice Daily Inspections
* Stalls Cleaned Daily
* Includes Holding Fee for Farrier and Routine Vet visits (i.e. Spring and/or Fall shots), with SSF's farrier and/or vet. Owner is responsible for paying vet and/or farrier for services.
* Blanketing included
* Fly Spraying included, Owner must provide fly spray(s)
* Hay, Grain, and Water Daily. Horses are fed to their individual needs.
* Supplements given if/as needed, horse owners are responsible for purchasing and supplying SSF with any and all supplements for their horse/pony


Turnout Info.:

Currently only offering group turnout, as ALL private turnout is full/in use.

Winter turnout(Oct. - March): Out during the day, in at night.
Summer turnout(April - Oct.): In during the day and out at night.

**NOTE** If the weather is mild and comfortable the horses will be turned out 24/7, unless otherwise instructed by the owner(s)**


Limited Field Board: $300 a month.  

* Hay and grain daily
* Daily Inspections
* Fresh water access
* Holding Fee included for routine Farrier & Vet visits with SSF's farrier and/or vet
* Supplements given,  provided by owner
* Blanketing included
* Fly Spraying included, Owner must provide fly sprays

*Note field boarders are turned out 24/7 year round. Special arrangements can be made for show prep, stalling for bad weather(if there is an open stall and on a first come, first serve basis), and/or injury/illness recovery. Field Boarder(s) will be charged a daily stall rate for stall use.

Additional Fees:

  • Medical Care Fee: $10 a day, INCLUDES: wound cleaning, doctoring, bandaging, extensive medicating(more than just  meds with AM/PM feeding), cold hosing, applying Durasole or any hoof hardener to your horse's hooves, etc. In addition to the cost of any and all bandages and wound cleaners purchased for said jobs, if not provided by the horse owner. Invoiced at the end of each month
  • Grooming Sessions: $45/ per session. This is additional grooming sessions to the one included in Stall board rate. Or for field boarders wanting a full grooming session done on their horse. Invoiced at the end of each month
  •  Holding Fee: $20 per horse for vet and farrier visits if owner can not be present. We encourage our boarders to be present for the vet and/or farrier to address any concerns and to an established relationship with both. SSF uses Commonwealth Equine(Vet) and Carl Via (Farrier). Boarders are welcome to use a different Vet or Farrier and are 100% responsible for any and all scheduling with non-SSF vets or farriers. Invoiced at the end of each month
  •  We reserve the right to charge an additional $30 Hay surcharge fee per horse during winter months.

For NON- Boarders

Ring Rental: If you need extra practice before a show, don't have a ring of your own, want to school some green horses off the property, or even hold a show series of your own, our ring is available! Contact us today!

Practice/Schooling Rental: $35 (per horse/rider duo)
We only offer haul-in/ring rentals after 5:30pm Monday - Friday & some weekends.
Must present a copy of your horse/pony's current negative coggins, sign a waiver, and submit payment before unloading or riding.
Message to schedule.