Thursday, April 18, 2013

April 20th Horse Show News!

    We hope to see many of you on April 20th at Silver Star's first horse show of 2013!!! The wonderful Veronica Roth, to judge.
     The show will start at 9am with Trail classes(these classes will be run in order) and then we will move directly onto Showmanship and Halter and the rest of our class schedule. NO MORE Trail class block in the morning!


New in 2013... We hvae split the Novice Horse and Rider divisions English and Western to make it more fair for those exhibitor's and their mounts, as these were large classes in 2012! Also we have added two Fun classes pre month and they will be different month to month! But heads up, Costume class is in Oct. :-D.

   This month our Fun classes will be Crepe Ribbon pairs class and Egg and Spoon. Fun classes are open to ALL, so even if you are only Walk/trotting you may enter these classes but when they ask for a canter or faster gate your time will be up in said class and you will be placed accordingly!


   The Fun classes are NOT pointed and do not count towards any high point or year end awards. But exhibitors will get special prizes monthly, for participating : )


Also NEW in 2013 is Monthly High Point Rider and Horse Awards!

  Please note that the shows are Rain or Shine unless in extreme weather cases! They are calling for a 80% chance of t-storm tomorrow afternoon. We will post on the event pages or the Farm's website and FB page if the show is going to be delayed or cancelled.

For Up-to-date show info the day of the show check out our FB page:

Tuesday, April 2, 2013