Friday, January 30, 2009

First Snow of 2009!!!!!

The Cardinals hanging out by the bird feeder. Sure hope they can win the Super Bowl this weekend! Hahaha

Max trying to give Maggie a kiss or just annoy her as he tends to do.

Ima (training horse) and Raven in the mare pasture.

What Max really thinks of all this snow stuff!

A view from inside the barn.

Pepe' protesting and telling me (and everyone else in a 5 mile radius) that it's dinner time!
The horses eating snow covered grass in the Main pasture.

The ducks up from the frozen pond.

All the critters.

Romeo venturing out in the snow.

The END!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

2 in 1 SPURS!!!!

RW 2 Way SpurDeveloped by western pleasure trainer Ross Wetherell. A revolutionary new concept in spurs. Whether you ride 10 horses a day or just one, this spur allows you to change your spurs faster than ever. With one press of your thumb this unique design allows you to change from a cloverleaf rowel to a 6 point blunt end rowel in seconds. Hold the lever in on the side and rotate the rowel to the one you need. Can also be changed while mounted if you find the rowel you are using is too much or not enough for the horse. Rowels are removeable.

Available at Schneider

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Birthday, Raven!

Today is Raven's (A Genuine Shot) 10th Birthday! It seems like just yesterday we found her on that very cold January morning in barn with her Dam(Mandy aka Special Arrow).

Raven has personality... that of a cat, most of the time. She likes attention when she wants it and the rest of the time you're better off leaving her alone. Ok, she's not that bad! But she's had her moments. She loves grooming time, she has many favorite places to be scratched and will definitely ham it up to anyone standing near her stall door for TLC or treats! Favorites being Peppermint candies and horse cookies!

Raven is presently 6 months along with her 3rd foal, by Zippos Goldn Mover (APHA stallion, We are keeping our fingers crossed for some color or LOTS of color! This foal has a full sibling, Jack (CES U Don't Know Jack), whom placed Res. Champion at the PA 4H State Horse Show in Yearling Gelding Halter!!!

I'm hoping for a filly this time, but as long as it's healthy and all I'm not too concerned. And like any true horse owner that thinks of their horses more like children than pets, I have already started thinking of Names. You have to plan ahead and have lots of options.

Filly Barn Names:
  1. Bella
  2. Peppermint

Colt Barn Names:
  1. None at this time

Registered Names:
  1. Zippos Hot Shot
  2. Genuine Zippo Gold
  3. Goldn Zippo
  4. Zippos Twilight
  5. Zip Into the Twilight
  6. Genuinely Zipped
  7. Genuinely Yours

These names are up for votes so please email me back with your Fav.s!

Here are some more pic.s of Raven with her 2006 filly, Maggie (CES Genuine Artist) by AQHA World Champion sire Indian Artifacts( and her 2007 APHA colt, Jack by APHA stallion Zippos Goldn Mover (

And now for more recent pics of Maggie and Jack:

Hope you all enjoy!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!!

Good Luck and Best wishes to all of our friends, family and customers!

This blog is a new addition to our website and I hope that many of you read and enjoy the farm updates! So check back often!

~ Silver Star Farm (Karen)