Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Current SSF Open Show Point Standings after July show

 Current Point Standing after the July 29th, 2023 SSF Open Show.

Apologies as we are just realizing that we have not been posting point updates to the website(or anything) 

You will notice that exhibitors are highlighted in different colors, these are to indicate who has already qualified, needs a show or two to qualify, OR need to attend ALL THREE of the remaining SSF dates (8/26, 9/30, & 10/28) to qualify for Year End Awards.

BLUE = you have attended/showed at the minimum 4 SSF show and are qualified! Congratulations!!!

YELLOW = you need to attend/show at 1 OR 2 more SSF shows to qualify!

RED = you MUST ATTEND/SHOW AT the remaining 3 SSF Shows to qualify!

Year End Awards are handed out throughout the day during the Oct. 28th SSF show. 

You can view the Point Standings here:

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