Monday, March 21, 2022

Pre-Enter for the April 9th Silver Star Show

 Pre-Enter for April 9th Show

It's time to Pre-Enter for the first SSF Show of 2022, woo-hoo!!!

Please use the following link to Pre-Enter for the 4/9 SSF Show.

ALL Pre-entries are DUE by 10pm the Wednesday before the show date. 

Pre-entering Class Fee = $11.00/per class
Sign-up Day of Show = $13.00/per class

T.I.P. Horses please provide your T.I.P. numbers on your pre-entries. There is a spot for it, if NOT a OTTB please write "n/a" for that question.

  • Please use the form provided to Pre-Enter
  • We DO NOT accept emailed, Facebook PM, or voicemail pre-entries. 
  • Any pre-entries received after 10pm will be at regular rate(ALL pre-entires are Time-Stamped.  This form also closes at 10pm and there will be no access to it)
  • Please Do Not submit multiple entries for the same rider and horse/pony :) Keep track of your entries you submit.

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