Friday, January 18, 2019

**NEW** Division Rule for 2019

For Divisions with 4 classes in them...

You must show in 3 out 4 division classes to qualify for monthly Champion and Reserve, if you show in less division classes(2 or less) your points will still count towards Year End Awards but not towards monthly Champion and Reserve. 

Also for those who show in all 4 classes. those exhibitors will have their lowest placing dropped to calculate Monthly Champion or Reserve placings. This is an attempt to keep it fair for those only 3 classes. We understand that not all exhibitors jump, lope, or like patterns. 

In cases of ties, ties will broken by number of classes of the division shown in.  So the exhibitor who shows in all 4 classes would win a tie over an exhibitor who showed in only 3 classes. Ties will also be broken by who scored highest in the o/f or pattern class, if number of classes is the same. 

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