Monday, August 11, 2014

Meet our August Show Judge: Danielle Toms

Meet our Judge:
Danielle Toms
Trainer, Danielle Toms, has over 25 years horse experience including , showing (since the age of 8yrs old), Training, judging, and teaching Hunt Seat, Western Pleasure, Ranch horse, and Halter/Fitting. Although showing primarily in the AQHA show pen most of her life she is a versatile instructor/trainer open to all non-gaited and non-trotting breeds. Certified All Breed Judge through NCSU, OHSA as well as holding two breed cards POA and WCMA. Danielle's newest adventure is re-training her OTTB to become a successful show horse in Hunters and Classical Dressage.

Show News/Info.
  August 30th is approaching quickly, we hope everyone has found time to practice and all are doing well since we last saw you all in July.
  Exhibitor's can EMAIL in their Pre-Entries to, Subject: August Show.
All we need is exhibitor and horse/pony names and ages and the class number or name you wish to enter. Please also attach a electronic copy of your horses' (or pony's) CURRENT NEGATIVE COGGINS with your pre-entries. The date the blood was drawn is the date used, not the date it was issued. Any horses or ponies without current NEGATIVE coggins will be asked to leave SSF property immediately.
Then all you need to do the morning of the show is check in, pick up your back number, and sign a release/wavier and you'll be good to go : )
Safety/Health Tip:
 Also any horses or ponies should have proper immunizations prior to show season when they are taken to several different locations and exposed to many different horses and/or other animals or insects of different areas. We do not currently require to see immunization records at this time, but it is good practice to protect our equine companions as best as possible when hauling them around to shows : )
KJ Photography will be at the show, but only taking photos of any new exhibitors or for those who have asked her to. **If you would like photos taken please let her know or else she may miss you and your horse.
Karen is offering a 'Day of Show" deal for $40.00, with this fee  she will photograph you throughout the day(candid's, performance, and even a short portrait session with or with out your winnings!!). Then all your photos will be uploaded into it's own gallery to make viewing them easier and then you get 6 digital downloads of your choice for that price!
Also Karen offers CDs for $65.00 for 8 images and $100.00 for 15 images! $6.00 per additional images.
Contact her today for more info. or with questions!

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