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Current points standings after the Oct. 12th show

2013 SSF Show Series Point Standings:
Please note that those who are up for Year End Awards are in color and bold type. Blue = Champion of class or division, Red = Res. Champion of class or division, Yellow/Orange = 3rd in class or division, and Green = 4th through 6th in class or division.
*REMINDER* Nov. 16th is our last and Year End Awards show, exhibitors up for awards must be present at the show to receive awards (or at the very least have a person there to pick up your awards for you), NO AWARDS WILL BE MAILED OUT!!!!

Trail In Hand
Taylor Manuel/Nothin But Assets: 41
Leah Roehl/Rusty: 40
Gabrielle Bradway/ Joeys Sticky Flapjack: 19
Autumn Barlett/Nothin But Assets: 7
Tina Stoernell/ Mirraggio: 6
Neil Stoernell/ KZ Jubilee: 4
Samantha Donhauser/Zipped Up Kicks: 4
Dallas Leonard/Mighty Gold Lancer: 3
Austin Leonard/ Millun Dollar Zip: 2

Open Novice Trail
Cypress Bristol Crème/ Sharon Itzkoff: 23
Austin Leonard/ Millun Dollar Zip: 20
My Silk Coat/Danielle Smith: 17
Dallas Leonard/Mighty Gold Lancer: 10
Sophia Stoernell/ Owl Creek Monet: 8
Lexi Ibarra/Special K: 4

Open Trail
Kim Poates/Daisy: 34
Gabrielle Bradway/Hanks Ice: 28
Austin Leonard/ Millun Dollar Zip: 20
Maggie Steckler/Traditions Final Leo: 12
Robin Ciapponi/Paints Cloudy Moon: 5
Dallas Leonard/Mighty Gold Lancer: 4
Danielle Smith/ My Silk Coat: 4

Open Showmanship
Taylor Manuel/Nothin But Assets: 49
Gabrielle Bradway/Joeys Sticky Flapjack and Hanks Ice: 24
Neil Stoernell/ KZ Jubilee: 8
Caleb Matozzi/ Gorgeous Gone Wild: 6
Holly McClintock/Slow Lopin Potential: 5
Heidi Randholm/Stage Whisper: 5
Robin  Ciapponi/ Paints Cloudy Moon: 5
Jess Bowen/ATM Machine: 4
Austin Leonard/ Millun Dollar Zip: 4
Vickie Kauffman/Sweet Lady Jasmine: 4
Karen Baldwin/Captivating Impulse: 4
Dallas Leonard/ Mighty Gold Lancer: 3
Danielle Smith/My Silk Coat: 3
Samantha Donhauser/ Zipped Up Kicks: 3
Jaclyn Curtis- Chapman/ Zippos Fine Redeemer: 2

Open Halter
Nothin But Assets/Taylor Manuel: 35
Wind Wisp’s Breeze/Susan Miller: 33
Joey’s Sticky Flapjack/Gabrielle Bradway: 21
KZ Jubilee/ Neil Stoernell: 14
Slow Lopin Potential/Holly McClintock: 7
ATM Machine/ Jess Bowen: 5
Paints Cloudy Moon/ Robin Ciapponi: 5
Mirraggio/ Tina Stoernell: 4
Hanks Ice/ Gabrielle Bradway: 4
Carunda Jorga/Beth Hart: 4
FG Yella Fella/Maria Harris: 3
My Silk Coat/Danielle Smith: 3
Sweet Lady jasmine/ Vickie Kauffman: 3
Angel/ Dena Gray: 2
Owl Creek Monet/ Sophia Stoernell: 2
Stage Whisper/ Heidi Randholm: 2
Zipped Up Kicks/Samantha Donhauser: 1

Sophie Rose Roehl/Pal: 47
Sarah Shepard/ Luke: 37
Cole Richman/ A Legacy to Fame: 25
Gianna Maxwell/Sugar: 12
Riley Smith: 10
Madison Sander/Bo: 7
Keira Truofreh/ Cupid: 7
Kiera Murray/ Snoopin For Clues: 7
Sierra Nicole Wimer/ Boots:  4
Will Tharp/ All That Sass: 4
Drew Tharp/ Star Bounds Here’s To You: 3

Pee Wee Walk
Andy Holstein: 109
Chloe Christiansen: 88
Tyla Gray: 86
Katey Clemovich: 78
Cole Richman: 49
Jack Maxwell: 41
Sarah Nicole Wimer: 12
Will Tharp: 11
Austin Storm: 10
Keira Truofreh: 3

12 and under W/T English
Ashlyn Ward/ Da Kodak Moment: 117
Alisa Holstein/ Cute As A Button: 112
Skylar Boehm/Miss Scootie Pants: 88
Randi Mae Roehl/Pal: 67
Lexie Ibarra/ Special K: 24
Daphine Souia/Peggy’s Last Forecast: 15
Samantha Whysong/ Willows Blue Sky: 12
Sophia Stoernell/ Owl Creek Monet: 10
Molly Pefley/ Polly Prissy Pants: 10
Karma Hollis/ Timbers Run Teddy: 10
Kristy Dollison/ Star Bounds Here’s to You: 9
Candace Jackson/ Forrest: 8
Kate Tharp/ All That Sass: 8
Autumn Barlett/Nothin But Assets: 5

Youth HUS
Kaylee Ward/Da Kodak Moment: 111
Kailia Higgins/ Movin Mia: 77
Maggie Steckler/Traditions Final Leo: 73
Shanah Rahm/ Imp’s Baby Girl: 67
Allison Oakes/ Peggy’s Last Forecast: 30
Meghan Schrader/Miss Scootie Pants: 30
Sally Turner/ RF Chaucer: 28
Jayde Greenwood/ Kitt Katt: 25
Kayliegh Welhofer/ Nickolas: 19
Heidi Randholm/Stage Whisper: 10
Carra Porschen/ Captivating Silver: 6
Leslie Bates/ Malibu Barbie: 2
Hannah Peterson/ Sugar N Spice: 2
Meghan Peterson/ My Memorable Surprise: 2


Adult HUS
Megan Warren/Native Sight: 123
Taylor Manuel/Nothin But Assets: 89
Danielle Smith/My Silk Coat: 75
Laura Korns/Valkeryes Pride: 61
Gabrielle Bradway/ Hanks Ice: 39
Karen Baldwin/ Captivating Impulse: 39
Leah Roehl/ Pal: 25
Tina Stoernell/ KZ Jubilee: 24
Beth Hart/Carunda Jorga: 21
Cindy Devivies/Shades Of Gray: 12
Katelyn Alwes/ Baby Face: 11
Vickie Kauffman/Sweet lady Jasmine: 10
Dawn Shuck/TeTe Zip: 9
Robin Ciapponi/ Paints Cloudy Moon: 8
Sabrina Hundley/Bid Dawg: 7
Ellen Farnum/ Movado: 3


Novice HORSE English
Te Te Zip: 117
Nothin But Assets: 105
Cypress Bristol Crème: 79
Imp’s Baby Girl: 37
Chrome and Charisma: 14
Just Kidding: 11
Daisy Duke: 11
Above the Clouds: 9
Baby Face: 9
FG Yella Fella: 7
Movado: 4


Novice RIDER English
Ashlyn Ward: 101
Dawn Shuck: 85
Dallas Baker: 63
Torian Korns: 61
Sharon Itzkoff: 59
Corra Porschen: 34
Taylor Blevins: 25
Rachel Ott: 11
Dawn Epperson: 6
Amanda Murray: 6
Katie Brown:4
Cecelia Pefley: 1


Hunter Hack 18”
Alisa Holstein/Cute As A Button: 42
Ashlynn Ward/ Daisy Duke: 20
Danielle Smith/ My Silk Coat: 14
Jayde Greenwood/Kitt Katt: 14
Megan Warren/ Native Sight: 7
Robin Ciapponi/ Paints Cloudy Moon: 6
Corra Porschen/ Captivating Silver: 4
Sarah Wynn/ Chrome and Charisma: 4
Sabrina Hundley/Big Dawg: 4
Leslie Bates: Malibu Barbie: 2
Samantha Whysong/ Willows Blue Sky: 1


Hunter Hack 2’
Kaylee Ward/ Da Kodak Moment: 39
Shahn Rahm/ Imp’s Baby Girl: 29
Meghan Schrader/Miss Scootie Pants: 14
Kaila Higgins/ Movin Mia: 13
Taylor Blevins/ Gus: 8
Sally Turner/ RF Chauser: 5
Kayliegh Welhofer/ Nicholas: 5
Megan Warren/ Native Sight: 5
Robin Ciapponi/ Paints Cloudy Moon: 4
Sarah Wynn/ Chrome & Charisma: 4
Meghan Peterson/ My Memorable Surprise: 4
Torian Korns/ Wave The Flag: 4
Leslie Bates/ Malibu Barbie: 2

12 and Under Western
Randi Mae Roehl/ Pal: 94
Caitlin O’Conner/Hollywood Smoke: 71
Cameron Beverly/ Tad Too Zippo: 66
Grace Gara/ Jumpin Jack Flash: 28
Sophia Stoernell/ Owl Creek Monet: 26
Sierra Storm/ Millun Dollar Zip: 15
Samantha Whysong/ Willows Blue Sky: 15
Candace Jackson/ Forrest: 9
Morgan Ibarra/Special K: 8
Sarah Pendergraff/ Skippit Array: 8
Emily Barlas/ Ishie’s Hot Chocolate: 8

Youth WP
Rachel Mattozzi/ Reb: 107
Georgia Parr/ Bueno Boomer Star: 79
Maggie Steckler/ Tradition’s Final Leo: 55
Payton Korns/ Valkeryes Pride: 53
Austin Leonard/ Millun Dollar Zip: 46
Caleb Mattozzi/ Gorgeous Gone Wild: 23
Robert Curtis-Chapman/Ishie’s Hot Chocolate: 16
Jaclyn Curtis-Chapman/ Zippos Fine Redeemer: 15
Hannah Butler/ Clu’s Front Page News: 14
Paula Broadnax/ Dooley’s Hot Nickle: 14
Juliana Barlas/ Skips Little Red Bokay: 11
Megan Rodriguez/ Vanity’s Fair lady: 9
Tyler Chaddecker/ Redneck Rodeo: 8
Caitlin O’Conner/ Hollywood Smoke: 6
Morgan Moseley/ Izhe’s Hot Chocolate: 6
Kori Hill Vitoria’s Secret: 5
Gabrielle Bowie/ By the Clu: 5
Breann Karopinsky/Black to the Basics: 1

Adult WP
Kim Poates/Daisy: 113
Gabrielle Bradway/Hank’s Ice: 68
Taylor Manuel/ Nothin But Assets: 59
Sharon Field/Trip N Paradise: 42
Cindy Devivies/Shades of Gray: 32
Jess Bowen/ ATM Machine: 20
Karen Baldwin/ Captivating Impulse: 18
Leah Roehl/ Pal: 15
Mark Crouch/Shezon the Open Range: 13
Danielle Smith/ My Silk Coat: 12
Dawn Shuck/Te Te Zip: 12
Leigh Curtis Chapman/ Zippos Fine Redeemer: 10
Jesse Anyabwile/ Wheeling Fillie: 8
Vickie Kauffman/Sweet Lady Jasmine: 6
Jennifer Supinger/Summer’s Wildfire: 5
Kim Poates/Zippos Bay Corona: 2


Open Ranch Horse Pleasure
Hank’s Ice: 22
Pal: 21
Millun Dollar Zip: 12
ATM Machine: 7
Autumns Reins: 5
Summer’s Wildfire: 5


Novice HORSE Western
Nothin But Assets: 82
Daisy Duke: 66
Shezon the Open Range: 54
Millun Dollar Zip: 47
Diamond Jim: 43
Mighty Gold Lancer: 23
ATM Machine: 19
Slow Lopin Potential: 17
Autumn Reins: 16
My Silk Coat: 16
Skips Little Red Bokay: 8
Zippos Bay Corona: 6
Doctor My Bug: 6
Big Dawg: 5
Prime Time: 4
Black to the Basics: 3
Valkeryies Pride: 1


Novice RIDER Western
Taylor Manuel: 72
Jojo Torreyson: 59
Cindy Devives: 54
Austin Leonard: 46
Dallas Leonard: 41
Kayla Higgins: 36
Julianna Barlas: 31
Terri Craig: 30
Greg Korns: 24
Danielle Smith: 16
Mark Crouch: 11
Marcus Hampton: 10
Maria Maxwell: 7
Sarah Godfrey: 5
Sabrina Hundley: 3
Morgan  Mosley: 1

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