Sunday, February 27, 2011


Sorry followers I have not been doing a good job at keeping our Blog updated. Will be making more of an effort to make monthly updates and/or updates as they happen.

January Updates
During the first week of Jan. we welcomed Pedro to the farm, proudly owned by Vickie Condon.
Had a small litter of Corgi puppies on the 5th.

And Desmond found a new home in Pa with Tipson Myers. Congrats on your purchase and we just can't wait to see you two in the show ring this spring!

February Updates
Found out we'll be welcoming a new family member the end of September.
Maggie is to be bred to Just Expect It( in March.

Puppies are ready for new homes March 3rd.

Next post in the coming week will be about our 2011 Show series with Dates, class list, etc. Hope everyone has had a fabulous february!

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