Thursday, April 30, 2009

April is a month of Birthdays around Silver Star!

Happy Birthday EVERYONE!
Above: Sir Winston, turned 4 yrs. old on April 27th!

Above: Special Arrow aka Mandy, turned 20 yrs. young on April 29th!
Mandy is an ex-racehorse and Raven's dam and Maggie's Grand-dam.

Above: CES Genuine Artist aka Maggie, turned 3 yrs. old on April 29th along with her Grand-Dam Mandy! (picture taken on 4/19/09, nappin in her stall).

And of course our newest addition, Ms. Bella!
And in Human Birhtdays, Brittany Christopher, Marsha's Grand-daughter, turned 7 yrs. old on April 4th.
Where does the time go?!

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John and Leah Roehl said...

I enjoy your blog...stop by my blog to pick up your Honest Scrap Award!