Friday, June 2, 2023

th SSF Show @ Doswell

 Time to Pre-Enter for the June 18th SSF Show at The Meadow!

T.I.P. Approved
4-H District Qualifier

We are now accepting Pre-Entries for the June 18th SSF Show hosted @ The Meadow. Since we are The Meadow, we will be offering some additional services not normally available

Grounds Fee - $10/per Horse/Pony & Exhibitor, if NOT renting a stall.
$50/per stall for Sunday ONLY(Move-in Sunday AM before show starts)
$75/per stall Saturday/Sunday. Exhibitors can move in Saturday afternoon. Stall exhibitors are to strip clean their stall(s) before leaving the grounds.
$8/per bag of shavings(available at The Meadow)
Grounds Fee/Stall Cost will be added to your showbill at time of payment, the day of the show.
Online Pre-entry form is Open until 10 pm, Wednesday 6/14 to save $2/per class. We do accept post entries the day of the show for $14/per class.

Monday, May 8, 2023

Point Standings after the April SSF Show

The current Point Standings can be viewed here: 

SSF Point Standings


Champion exhibitors earn an additional 10 points to their overall division points, for each Championship earned monthly.

Reserve Champion exhibitors earn an additional 5 points to their overall division points, for each Reserve earned monthly.

You can Pre-Enter for the May 27th SSF show here:

Monday, January 9, 2023

Save the Dates!!!


                 2023 Dates and Judges -

April 1st  - TBD
May 27th - TBD
SUNDAY - June 18th - TBD
July 29th- TBD
August 26th  - TBD
September 30th -TBD
October 28th - TBD
(Annual Costume Class & Year End)

Friday, October 21, 2022

Point Standings after the Oct. 15th show

Here are the current point standing after the Oct. 15th SSF show.


  • The November 5th Show is the Year end Awards show
  • Exhibitors must show at 4 - SSF shows to qualify for Year End Awards
  • Winners must be Present to receive awards, NO Awards will be mailed out. You may have a "Pick-up person" present to get your awards on Nov. 5th OR make arrangements to pickup any awards at SSF or 360 Farm & Pet, at your earliest convenience.


Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Updated 2022 SSF Open Show Points after the Sept. 3rd Show

Here are the updated SSF show point standings.

Please Note: That the Point Standings only reflect those whom are eligible for 2022 Year End Awards. Any exhibitors with only one show have been removed (or not added) from the standings, as those exhibitors are NOT eligible for Year End Awards, with only 2 SSF shows left.

SSF has a 4 show minium to be eligible for Year End Awards. Those exhibitors are still VERY welcome to show with us at our October 15th & Nov. 5th shows :) 

IF your name is highlighted in yellow, then you have already reached the 4 show minimum and are eligible for Year End Awards in those divisions and/or individual classes.