Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Puppy Ciao!

Above is a picture of the First Family with their new puppy, Bo, a 6 mos old Portuguese Water dog. We would like to Congrat them on their newest family member.
Few of you probably know that LLOONNGG before we had horses and sheep, we bred and showed dogs, Saint Bernard's (pictures and blog on them coming soon) and Portuguese Water dogs, Beau and Libby. Our Professional Handler and my mom won many Best Of Breed Titles with both, up and down the East Coast at dog shows in the mid to late 80s.
I think it's cute that growing up I had a black and white Porti named Beau. And now the First Family has a Porti Bo. ...wonder if he's related to ours... something to look into?!

Beau winning Best Of Breed in Raleigh, NC.

Beau winning Best Of Breed in Fort Lauderdale, Fl.

But now as some of you know we now have Corgi's. We aren't showing them currently but may get back into it. This is only our second Corgi litter... we really didn't know Lexi was bred til a few weeks before she had the pups.

Puppy Nutrition:

Healthy puppies deserve the BEST in Canine Nutrition and that is why we feed our puppies Innova Puppy Food, made by Natura Pet Products.

Innova Dog Foods are made with Farm-Fresh Fruits and Vegetables. NO Wheat, Corn, or Wheat -gluten. All natural preservatives. NO Animal By-Products or Fillers!

*Offers DHA and EPA to help with eye and brain development

The puppies doing what they do best, Sleeping!

I see someones eyes opening, uh oh!

Their eyes opened over the weekend and now they're on the move and starting to play with one another. They are TOO CUTE!

Alil puppy wrestling action.

Momma Lexi doesn't even bother to lay down anymore to nurse them... they are some big corgi pups!

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